Request mini loan Belgium

Requesting a mini-loan Belgium is less difficult than you think. Paying the bills or doing that one purchase is a piece of cake! You can have different reasons for borrowing. Maybe you need a new phone, you suddenly have to pay all bills at once or do you want a weekend away. The bank is […]

Loans for people on the blacklist

Do you have a notation on the blacklist, but would you like to take out a loan? Loans for people on the blacklist can be arranged! This is possible thanks to the concept of the mini-loan, which you can complete online. Because of this, you can easily have some extra money today, even if you […]

Loan without a permanent contract

Also looking for a loan without a permanent contract? You can also quickly get a non-committal loan for quick extra money! You hear more often when you knock on the bank for a loan. Due to the financial crisis, the requirements are getting stricter and more and more people to need a loan for some […]

Loan without payslip

A fast loan without payroll is becoming easier! With only WW benefit or temporary work via an employment agency (or even without any income) there are options to still borrow an interesting small amount of money. No income or unemployed and still borrow money without property, it is possible! Without fuss or work, you can […]