Borrowing money quickly within a few hours

Loans are available in all shapes and sizes, but taking out such loans takes time. 


In most cases two to three working days, in other cases a week or even longer. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to quickly borrow money , where you want to have access within a few hours or even immediately.

There are also several possibilities for such loans, which we will discuss here.

Revolving credit

The most common way to quickly borrow money at the most attractive rates is undoubtedly the revolving credit, and although the application may take a few days to complete, you can withdraw amounts up to the maximum credit limit at any time after closing.

The advantage here is that the amounts that have already been repaid can usually be withdrawn without penalty, which ensures a maximum spending capacity. Continuous credit is usually requested through the regular banks, but can also be done via some companies such as mail order department stores such as Neckermann and Wehkamp.

In short, once closed, a revolving credit is the absolute fastest form of borrowing money. Please bear in mind that the interest rates used for this type of credit are still many times higher than with a regular loan. Nevertheless, these types of loans are cheap compared to the other alternative: The mini credit.

Mini Credit

If you want to borrow money quickly and the application of a revolving credit takes too much time, a so-called mini-credit can help. A mini loan can easily be requested via the Internet, and can be arranged within a few hours. The amount to be borrowed is at least within 24 hours at your disposal, and there are credit providers who can realize such a loan so quickly that you even have the amount to be borrowed within 2 hours.

As said; mini loans are relatively expensive due to their short term. Usually, the borrowed amount must be paid in full within a few days to a maximum of one month, including the interest rate, which is many times higher than with normal loans. Interest rates that are 200% higher than those of a loan at your bank are the rule rather than the exception. However, in the event that quick borrowing is a necessity, this kind of credit can be a solution.

You can not take out such loans from your bank, but from specialized providers of these mini loans. You can only borrow for relatively low amounts, usually up to 1000 euros. For higher amounts, a revolving credit is still the preferred alternative.

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