Borrowing without BKR assessment

Borrowing without BKR testing is increasing in popularity on the Internet.  ?c=14254&m=510535&a=313782&r=&t=html

Many people with a so-called BKR notation, who still want to borrow money are looking for credit providers that offer this option.

Nevertheless, for these people a loan without BKR assessment is not always the right solution, because not all BKR notations make it impossible to obtain a regular loan through the known banks and credit providers.

BKR notations

In people with a BKR notation with an A1 code, in most cases it is still possible to apply for a loan, and to get it. BKR quotations higher than A1 are a problem.

People with higher BKR codes than A1 are therefore forced to look for alternatives, to be able to borrow without BKR testing.

In most cases, an A1 coding simply means that a payment has been paid too late and that the reminders have not been responded to (in time). These notations at the Credit Registration Bureau are usually done by mail order companies and Telecom providers.

This last branch of industry in particular is quick to register this type of business. Once logged in to the BKR, it has proved very difficult in practice to get rid of this, pay on time, prevents this kind of problems, but if it did happen, the notation does not always have to form an impediment to obtaining a regular loan.

BKR assessment, the advantages and disadvantages

If the BKR code makes regular borrowing impossible, in many cases it is still possible to turn to specialized lenders, who provide loans without carrying out a BKR review. In most cases this involves relatively small amounts of several hundred euros

This type of loans without BKR review usually have a duration of a few days to a month, but at a considerably higher interest rate. The credit providers do this to protect themselves, because the borrower is at a higher risk than normal, given his or her borrowing behavior in the past.

Precisely because the interest on these small amounts is many times higher than with regular loans, the borrower has to wonder whether the benefits of borrowing without BKR review do outweigh the disadvantages, because it goes without saying that the much higher loan rates it can lead to the borrower being in financial trouble, with all its consequences.


Besides the specialized providers of loans without BKR testing, there are other ways to get money quickly, but at much better conditions:

  • Pawns houses
    Here you can borrow money against a collateral. You deliver the product that you deposit as collateral into the pawn shop, where you receive direct money. Please note that you enter into an agreement with a so-called back-sale guarantee. Of course you have to repay the borrowed amount plus some interest to get your collateral back, but this will in almost all cases be lower than a credit to credit providers without BKR testing.
  • Friends and family
    In many cases it is possible to borrow money from friends or family. Of course, these do not do BKR testing, and in most cases there is no interest on the loan. Please bear in mind that non-repayment of the loan can seriously disrupt the mutual relationships.


If possible, it is always advisable to first examine the alternatives, before you specifically look for a specialized credit provider to be able to borrow without BKR testing, because in many cases you are much cheaper with the alternatives, and the chance of getting into trouble a lot smaller.

Borrowing without BKR testing is possible, but the costs for this are very high, and in many cases there are better alternatives available such as borrowing from friends or family, and in case of A1 BKR coding, it is even possible and recommended, looking at regular credit providers and banks.

Due to the much higher interest rate and short term of the loan without BKR assessment, there is a real chance that by entering into this type of loans, problems will arise with the repayment of these loans. Therefore borrowing without BKR testing should only be used in cases where it really does not go differently. In all cases the alternatives are preferable to borrowing without BKR testing.

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