Exchanging a loan

Borrowing money costs money, that term meanwhile almost everyone. ?c=14254&m=510535&a=313782&r=&t=html

But, how do you ensure that borrowing money costs as little as possible. Important factors here are a number of factors. The interest and the monthly payment are the most important. In this article, we will therefore discuss how you can make your loan cheaper. A Loan can save you a lot of money.

Cross your expensive credit

Do you now have a loan with an interest rate of 5% or more. Then you actually have too high interest rates. With us, it is already possible to take out a loan at an interest rate of only 4.1%. A big difference. Especially if you know that no less than 80% of Dutch people have a loan with a much higher interest rate.

Crossing your loan is childishly easy. You can easily apply for your loan via the application form. You can choose the amount you want and you can submit the application with the data to us. You will receive a response to your request within 24 hours.

Transferring a personal loan or a revolving credit.

If you are going to take out a loan, it is important to keep the different types of credit apart. For example, a personal loan with a higher interest rate can be more advantageous than a revolving credit that you have been paying for for years, but has not yet paid off.

Always inform yourself well if you are going to transfer your loan. A small error in the calculation can have major consequences for the entire term of the loan. A poorly sealed loan can benefit you instead of thousands of euros, costing thousands of euros.

With a personal loan, the benefit is easier to calculate than with a revolving credit. The reason for this is the fixed interest rate and the fixed term of the personal loan. This allows you to easily make a comparison between the old and the new situation.

Merge loans

If you are going to make your loan more profitable, it is a good time to also look at other financial obligations. You can think of the overdraft on the payment account, but of course also your credit card or your loan at the Wehkamp. The latter is not seen as a loan by many people. Yet these are the most expensive loans with interest rates of 14%. The combination of loans also has an additional advantage. You will automatically receive peace and overview in your financial situation.

If you combine your loans in the right way, it is best to start by requesting your BKR review. You will then immediately see which parties you have registered. You get a good picture of your financial situation by gaining insight into your financial situation.

Once you have received this, you can check together with an adviser what the loans are that you have, and whether it is possible to transfer this advantageously to another financing, or to another form of financing.
Have you already received a quote from another party and do you want to check whether you have received the best offer? Then of course it is also possible to check free of charge whether you have really received the most advantageous offer.

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