How can you borrow money without interest

There are also a number of other ways than the ways indicated here to borrow interest-free money. These ways may seem easy, but for many there is a threshold to do it.


Borrow money from friends

A common way to borrow money without interest is to borrow the money from friends. This often involves small amounts and usually not really good agreements are made about the repayment.

These appointments are often made quickly, for example that a night out went a bit faster than expected and people are asked to advance.

It is not often that larger amounts are borrowed from friends because many people are ashamed of their money problems.

Borrow money from employer

Another way of borrowing interest-free money is to borrow from the employer. This is then an advance on the salary. The biggest problem here is that they do not dare to ask the employer about this because they do not want to be known as a poverty striker.

Especially not with the people who have to work together all day. Of course it is also a trust issue between employer-employee, but the employer can be quite sure that he will get the money back, as people are usually stuck with a contract with that employer and therefore also have a fixed time for the same employer, making it easy for the employer to deduct a certain amount from the wage.

Borrow money from parents or family

Borrowing money from family or parents is perhaps even more difficult than the examples mentioned above. When borrowing parents or family it is usually not the problem that the parents or family do not want to lend anything.

They usually only want to help, but approaching them is usually the problem. Showing money problems is often seen as a weakness and people do not like to show this weakness to parents or family, because they are often proud of you, for example, about your study and your living situation.

To arrive with money problems is heavy. If you do borrow money from parents or family, make sure that you make good arrangements.

Every year there are enough ‘mandatory’ days where you have to be present and to prevent these days becoming uncomfortable, good agreements have to be made.

Buy product on installment (at action)

As you may often see on advertising, it is the last time to sell products on payment and 0% interest.

With this type of products you pay back an x ‚Äč‚Äčamount every month to the seller, the total amount to be refunded is not more than that you would buy the product in 1x.

The disadvantage is that it is a long-term debt and that it can only be used with the product of the promotion.